Monday, July 10, 2017

Day Trip to Indiana - Part 2

The first part of this quilter's journey appeared on Saturday's post, which you can read by clicking here. Today, I will share the second part of our trip - the store in Greenwood, Indiana, called Back Door Quilts. We'd planned to go back in the winter time, but were snowed out, so Friday was our reschedule date, and what fun we had! Five of us went to see what mischief we could find, and bargains, too.

Back Door Quilts did not disappoint. We had to make several u-turns to find them, but we made it and were well-rewarded with eye candy all over the store. Never have I seen so many samples made up and displayed as I have in this shop. It was a quilter's heaven, for sure. I saw in one of the display cabinets a certificate identifying them as a featured quilt in APQ's Quilt Sampler. I am going to dig in my stack of issues to see if I have it. Stay tuned for that.

I took a ton of pictures, so I won't waste your time with my talky-talk. Instead, I will just let you enjoy the same eye candy that we all enjoyed on Friday afternoon. Just look all those samples on display. It was really great seeing so many and it definitely gave us all ideas for projects we just had to have. You know how it is, I trust.

Can you guess that I also did my part in boosting the local economy here, as well as in Liberty? I have a nice little stack of new stuff all set to share with you tomorrow. I hope you'll come on back to have a peek.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Several of my friends have visited Back Door Quilts and loved it. It's probably a good think that Indy is several hours south of me or otherwise I would be helping the economy too.


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