Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Indiana Purchases

Oh gosh. I bought stuff. And I am so far behind on what I should be finishing, I can't honestly say what possessed me to buy more! However, I think it is all just as yummy as can be, and even after four days, I can confidently say I have absolutely no buyer's remorse. *smile*

These are my somewhat restrained purchases at Pohlars. I have admired Rachel Remembered by Betsy Chutchian for quite awhile, so I just decided to get 4 charm packs and make some as yet undetermined magic with them. The random fat quarters are mostly just whims, however the green and blue are possibly going to be added to that waterfall elongated hexie project I began.  I'd seen the Thimble Pads highly recommended by someone on Instagram, so when I saw them, I picked them up for testing out at some point. I don't currently have a hand quilting project on my radar, but surely I will come fall.

By the time we got to Back Door, I was a bit less restrained, and have this haul to show for my afternoon. Madam Rouge by French General was a no-brainer; I have had an ongoing love affair with FG from the very beginning. One jelly roll - I have no plan, but am confident I can come up with something. The polka dot and the blue floral are both by Joanna Figueroa/Moda - it's called Farmhouse. I will throw in those two solid yellows and make some pretty something-or-other out of them. The little print on the white background is by Corey Yoder (remember I went to see her at a trunk show - seminar in Chillicothe awhile back?) This is from the LuLu Lane collection, and will go with the precuts I bought in March.

Both the little scissors and the little Swoon pattern are  "just because" or "oh-why-not" purchases. I don't have any great desire to make a little Swoon right away, but have enjoyed seeing all the variations that quilters were making with the smaller sizes, so I am ready when the mood strikes.

I did okay, didn't I?  I satisfied a long-suffering dry spell in fabric purchasing, but didn't go too far off the rails. Just what I needed, I guess!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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