Saturday, July 1, 2017

Howdy, July!

Here we are welcoming in a new month - over halfway through 2017 already! I have spent some time this morning thinking about what I accomplished this past month, and discovered it was more about what I did not accomplish. If you study the collage below, very little has to do with quilting or sewing. What can I say?

It was a fun-filled month which included a couple of short trips with DH that we both enjoyed immensely. We returned to our college campus (where we met in 1975) for a fraternity reunion. That weekend turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I expected, and I found myself becoming quite overcome with nostalgia on more than one occasion.

Later in the month we headed north to Lake Erie and Cleveland, taking in an Indians game with our DD and SIL. We celebrated several "firsts" on this getaway: first bed and breakfast through Air BnB; first overnight at Put-In-Bay; first Uber ride; first visit for me to this stadium to see the Indians (I'd attended one game back in the 70s at the old stadium). Those are not earth-shattering firsts, by any means, but still noteworthy for us.

We ended the month yesterday by celebrating our anniversary in Columbus for a fun date. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel, then saw Dark Passage at the Ohio Theater, and followed that up with a Jeni's Ice Cream cone and a walk in Schiller Park/German Village. Simple yet memorable fun.

Now what about July??

I am thinking of all sorts of things, but I truly should just rerun all my unfinished projects from the past couple of months. If I could get those completely checked off my list, I would be quite a happy quilter. We did draw a new number for our UFO challenge - the July number is 3. I will pull that out and show it to you soon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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