Saturday, July 22, 2017

Projects from Claudia

You long-time readers remember the sewing lessons that I gave to a local woman Claudia, and later her friend Denise. Well, both of these quilters have progressed so far and so fast that I am not longer needed for teaching purposes. They have become quite prolific. I hope at some point to get a picture of the quilt Denise entered into the Hillsboro quilt show I attended last week. As I was prohibited from taking pictures, I must acquire a photo some other way.

I can share some things that Claudia has recently finished, as she sends regular emails with updates on her many and varied projects. Let's have a look.

These visors are simply glue-appliqued projects they made, presumably for their many dog shows. Being out in the sun, I am sure a nice visor is a welcome accessory.

These two quilts are called Crumb Quilts - from a pattern I helped Claudia with several months back.

How do you like this long, narrow wall hanging? I am certain we all have wall space that would fit something like this perfectly. Claudia's use of colorful fabric for the butterflies does not surprise me in the least, as I have learned that she is a color-junkie. She does not shy away from color, ever.

That is evident in this herringbone quilt that she made in a class she took at Quilt Beginnings in Columbus. I showed an in-progress picture of it here. She took this quilt and some others down to that little shop in Cynthiana that I wrote about last winter. Mendlebrights is a shop I plan to visit soon, as I have decided that I am going to see about doing those baby quilts I need to finish on her long-arm machine. (I am digressing, but she rents out time on the machine, and since I would like to learn, it seems to make sense.)

While I stitch endlessly on these 4-patch blocks for the border of my Wishes quilt (aka July UFO), I hope you are being productive, as well!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Always nice to see someone you have shared with make so much progress!!


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