Friday, July 28, 2017

Sharon's Second Blue Quilt

I have been really faithful in my posting for the month of July, however I have missed the last two days. Wednesday found us - DH and I - knee-deep in sweet corn. We husked, cut, cooked and froze 12 dozen ears of corn. Whew! That was work. Thankfully, the Mennonite neighbors who grew the corn had done the picking. Then yesterday, when I finally got around to writing a post, our internet was out. Bummer. Oh well, I am here today, and can hopefully hit each day the rest of this month (only 3 days left!).

My dear friend Sharon loves two-color quilts, and most anyone who know her would say that red and white are her favorites. However, knowing her better than most people, I am privy to the fact that blue and white quilts are a very, very close second on her list of faves.

Back in April while at retreat, our mutual friend Terry worked on making the quilt pictured above, and Sharon was smitten by it. I am not surprised in the least that after finishing one blue and white quilt top already this summer, that Sharon is currently making this one, too.

Above is the first of Sharon's blue and white quilts, finished earlier this summer. Now for number two!

Parts stacked neatly on the table.

The assembly line.

Busy hands working on sashing strips.
This is what Sharon worked on Tuesday when she was here to sew. All her 9-patches are made, and she was busy with sashing most of the day. This is a whopper of a quilt. I remember when Terry was making hers, she felt as if she'd never finish. I need to get the details as far as dimensions, name and designer go. I can tell you that the fabric is by Laundry Basket Quilts. I will fill in the blanks when I have them.

I am off today for Frankfort Girls. My little box of hexies is ready to go.


  1. Love these 9-patch quilts! Blue and white quilts are the best! Such a simple idea but such beautiful quilts. I know I have more blue & whites in my future.

  2. Ohhh, I am in love with Terry's quilt! Love Sharon's, too. Great, simple idea for a blue and white quilt.

  3. The blue & white quilts are gorgeous! I plan to make one for my blue & white bedroom, of these days! I would love to be knee deep in corn to put up. What a lovely (and yummy!) bounty.


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