Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sharon's Elizabeth

You saw my finished Swoon flimsy yesterday, so today you will get to see a recent finish from Sharon. She had the chance to sew over the July 4th weekend and finished her Elizabeth! It is gorgeous!

You may recall that we began this project back in January. We really do work well when we have occasional common projects; it's a matter of keeping each other motivated. I managed to get mine done in quick order, but Sharon has taken a little longer. I think it was worth the wait, don't you? It's just gorgeous!

Most of the fabric in Sharon's version is Luna Notta by 3 Sisters with perhaps a neutral added in from some other line. Her Elizabeth has lighter blue and darker pink, whereas mine is light pink and more vivid blue. You can compare the two below.

We had a few good laughs yesterday with Sharon's reveal. She told me with a very straight face that she was calling her quilt "Loser." What?!?! No! It's is definitely not a loser! But her meaning is that she "lost" so many points! Then she said maybe it should be called "Pointless." We then proceeded to quickly take stock of how many points the two of us cut off - this pattern has an abundance of points to mind, and decided that if anyone calls us on our lack of points, it was a problem with them, not us!

What a great day to spend sewing with a dear friend! Besides having a few laughs, we really got a lot done, too.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. These are stunning! I have the Sisters Quilt show to share on piece-fulness! Check it out. Maybe soon I too will have a finish to share.

  2. I see points. what in the world are you girls talking about? LOL two beautiful quilts . I too have a quilt pal that lives within walking distance and yeah we have lots of fun together.


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