Friday, July 14, 2017

Just a Little Diversion

On Tuesday when Sharon was here to sew, I finished the Swoon flimsy, which I have written about already and am thrilled beyond words to have finally finished. I am particularly fond of the little added touch I put on this quilt - those little stars in the sashing.

As I began sewing Tuesday, I had only a mental idea of what this sashing would look like. I decided I'd better make a sample just to be sure everything would work correctly. I didn't want to have to waste time unsewing and redoing things like wonky star points. I ended up with this quilt block which measures about 9 inches. If you read the link above, you'll find the measurements for making these stars.

It was just too pretty to leave in a pile to be forgotten, so I had the idea that I would trim it down and make it into a pincushion. This would be after the Swoon flimsy was finished, by the way. I actually followed through, and whipped up this sweet little guy on Wednesday.

It measures 6 inches. I had all the necessary parts for constructing this easily accessible here in the quilting room, so it was easy as pie to do.

Trim off the excess. Quilt the top. Add the back, leave an opening and turn right-side-out.

Pour in the stuffing. Whipstitch closed. Voila! A nifty pincushion!

Short and sweet today, Peeps! Frankfort Girls are meeting at Sheryll's this morning, and I must be off!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love it . Sometimes short and sweet is just what we need. I'm actually trying out the pillowcase tute. Not every fabric needs to be in a quilt.

  2. Your pin cushion is adorable! I'd love a quilt made with that block and Kaffe fabrics.


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