Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Finish! (Almost)

I am thrilled to introduce you to Prairie Vine, complete with her sashing, cornerstones and borders. I have plenty of pictures of her in a variety of settings and angles.

I call her complete (almost) because on top of those green borders I am supposed to applique an undulating vine with leaves all the way around the quilt. *ahem* Yes, applique. And probably you haven't seen much applique featured here on my blog over the years because -- I don't applique.

Well, we are just gonna' see about that! At this time, I do intend to applique that vine and all those leaves onto this quilt. I plan to use a fusible of some sort and machine-applique to make it go faster.

For now, she is finished, though, as I have to prepare said vine and leaves. Until then, let's just look at her in all her scrappy and reproduction-inspired beauty.

I am happy to have this completed to this point. And, to be honest, I do not really dread all that applique. In fact, while I do find myself intimidated by it, I know I can do it and I am eager to prove myself in this area.

Now, before I go, I have to share one more picture. DH interrupted my little photo shoot with Prairie Vine, and the result you see below. Don't husbands just crack us up sometimes?! Every time I look at this, I have a little giggle.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Your quilt is beautiful!! The applique will be a nice treat. Happy stitching!

  2. It is already so beautiful that I can't imagine how much better it can get!!


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