Wednesday, March 21, 2018

First Full Day of Spring 2018

Happy Spring!!

Well, with this morning's weather, I may not be dancing as wildly as Snoopy, but I don't mind the snow - especially since I have absolutely nowhere to go today, plenty of sewing to do, or a book to read, and laundry to fold. Many options. Sounds like a good day for staying in and letting Mother Nature do her thing.

All these pictures were taken from our front porch. That last picture shows our little dogwood tree down front; I will be sure to repeat this view in about a month when it should be in full bloom. Seems very distant with these snowy conditions.

My last post left me wondering whether I would make 9-patch blocks for the Prairie Vine project or construct more houses for Village. Here's what won out:

A 6-house neighborhood for my Coriander Village. I love this construction business! *grin*

The total house count now stands at 17. All of these houses have come from the Sundrops and Lulu Lane fabric lines by Corey Yoder. The next group of houses I make will see some Flower Mill fabrics mixed in. I am about to crack the seal on those charm packs and begin cutting.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. These houses are really cute. Can't wait to see what the whole quilt looks like.


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