Thursday, March 8, 2018

Another Snow Shoo Reveal

You probably knew that Sharon and I were both working on Snow Shoo to start the year. We often undertake projects together as a way to keep ourselves motivated and focused. My Snow Shoo was revealed a few weeks ago, and on Monday when Sharon was here for our weekly sewing date, she brought her finished quilt top along.

It is gorgeous!!

I apologize for the sunshine glare, but this time of year in Ohio, we want all the sun we can get!

I took several shots, hoping I could edit out the glare, but I don't have the skill for such a task. So, just look at the pretty parts - this gorgeous quilt! Sharon's is so very different from mine, despite our using the exact same sized blocks. She used a crisp, solid white background and two blues - one for the Shoo Fly blocks and one for the Snowball blocks. It changes the look so tremendously.

Mine is folded across the lower corner of Sharon's in the photo above. See how crisp Sharon's looks next to my more "antiqued" version? I have many, many blues - used as randomly as possible on both the Shoo Fly and Snowball blocks. I did the same with my creamy neutral background.  Below are some repeat pictures of my quilt.

Details on our quilts:

We made 6.5-inch blocks. To make the Shoo Fly blocks we used 2-7/8" squares of navy and background, drew a line on the diagonal, stitched on each side, cut in half for 2 HSTs. These come out to 2.5 inches.Take four HSTs, four 2.5-inch background squares, and one navy 2.5-inch square to form a 9-patch unit with the HSTs on the 4 corners and the navy in the center. Refer to the picture below for a visual.

For the Snowball blocks, we used a 6.5-inch background square and 4 2.5-inch navy squares. We stitched on the diagonal, cut away the excess and pressed out the navy corner. Below is a visual for that. Those 4 little HSTs on top are the cut-away corners which I sewed and have saved for a future project.

Repeat these two steps for as many blocks as you want for your quilt.

I will say that I might have done a better job had I run some test blocks prior to going with these sizes. I think the corner triangles of our Snowball blocks were slightly too large, which resulted in more blocks than not looking like the close-ups shown above. I think if we had cut 2-3/8" squares (instead of 2.5"), the meeting of the points would probably have been more accurate. Funny thing is, though, when I inspected the antique version that we copied, the exact same problem occurred. So maybe it's just the nature of things.

I have not been compelled to test blocks to see the results. If any of you readers feel so moved, perhaps you will let us know?

I am not going to add borders to my quilt, and while I don't think we talked about it, I suspect that Sharon won't either. We did talk about hand quilting them in a crosshatch pattern just like the antique original. It is just so pretty. I wish my picture were better quality!

And that's a wrap on our Snow Shoo quilts. I am glad I did it, and Sharon is, too. She is such a blue-and-white fanatic that she is already back to work on that Triple Irish chain in - you guessed it - blue and white! And it is going to be a beauty, for sure.

Hope you have a great Thursday!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Wow, a really classy looking quilt, better make that two classy quilts. The two colour palette gives a refreshing crisp timeless top. I can't decide if I like the crisp white or creamy neutral better, it's like choosing between two Rembrandts.

  2. I actually love both the versions and could not choose one over the other. I’m doing an indigo snow ball quilt presently...still learning. I would like to try the other block but don’t think I have the skills.

  3. I love both quilts, can't decide if I like one better than the other? I love the crispness of the white and blue but since I've already made 2 blue & whites with the same blue and whites, maybe I should broaden my horizons and try more scrappy. Thanks for the show, you've both done a great job!


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