Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Wrap-Up

Taking a quick look back at March, it appears I did very little sewing and a whole lot of playing. However, I do think I managed to accomplish a few things in my quilting room, so I pronounce the month to be a huge success. Let's review:

I love making these collages to summarize the month through pictures. Some of these have made their way to the blog, but not all. I will share just the basics on the 9 pictures in this collage.

To begin the month, we have had an old, non-working truck sitting in our driveway for-ever, and it was a constant sore subject between DH and me. We finally agreed to have it towed and make an attempt to get it running again - just for simple needs like getting mulch each spring, or carrying heavy stuff too messy or big for the back of the car. Getting that truck out of our driveway at last could be my biggest success of the month!

The other two pictures in the top row are of places I have walked this month. We got back into regular walking with the nicer weather, and explored a section of the path beside Paint Creek, shown first, and then I got to walk in Arizona, shown next.

In the middle row, I am pictured with Cleveland Indians TV personality, Andre Knott at the Goodyear Ball Park at Spring Training. That was a totally accidental meeting, as he and his family were just sitting a couple rows in front of us having a regular day at the park.

In the center is the second famous person I met this month - Carrie Nelson. I did write about this in several posts, if you wish to scroll back and take a look. And, you will find evidence of actual sewing.

The final picture of the middle row shows my dear Frienzies at our March get-together at Kay's house. We had a delicious dinner and afterwards painted canvases for spring.

The bottom row shows my major sewing accomplishment for the month - my Prairie Vine quilt top. Scroll back a bit to see more on it.

The middle picture is a grave marker from a cemetery near Otsego, OH. My 88-year-old F-I-L wanted to take a drive down there yesterday while we visited him. Jacob is the oldest Honnold in the family tree, to date. It's pretty cool how much genealogical research has been done on my DH's side of the family.

That last picture seems a strange one to include for a March highlight, but believe me, I want to remember - those keys have been lost since Christmas-time. I knew they likely spilled out of my purse, I just didn't know where. While at my F-I-L's yesterday, we parked on the street in front of his house after returning from the cemetery trip. My S-I-L found them in the grass as she stepped out of the car. I cannot believe it! Of course, we'd already gone to the trouble and expense of replacing one of the keys. And yes, they still work. Amazing.

So with not many pictures and a whole lot of words, there's my March. I hope I can be as focused in April. Fun times ahead!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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