Friday, March 30, 2018

Checking Those Goals

As I finish the main portion of Prairie Vine and realize the end of March is upon us, it seems a good time to pause and check in on those goals for 2018 to see how I have been faring.

Item #1 - Snow Shoo - was finished off around the end of January.

Item #2 - Use Corey Yoder fabric - I am taking care of this by using it to make my Village quilt. I had no intention of making this particular quilt, but as pattern designer and Moda rep extraordinaire Carrie Nelson was in town, I really had to jump in. I am glad to be using the CY fabric, too.

Item #11 - Lake Effect - I continue to plug away on this project each Friday when I meet with the Frankfort girls. It is fun to do, and I like the periodic nature of working on it.

Item #12 - Prairie Vine - my most recent semi completion; I still have the applique work to prepare and then actually execute it all. 

Item # 14 - Blog 250 times - This post will be number 49, so I suppose I am slightly behind schedule on blogging. I can try taking off fewer days with the hope of getting back on track, but I don't make any promises.

I can account for completion and/or progress on 5 of the 15 items on my list; I do believe I am staying on track sufficiently well. I also know what projects to turn to next, which is part of the reason I make a list each year. Staying focused is hard, and with so many pretty quilts and so much pretty fabric, it's easy for a gal to be sidetracked.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I totally understand--I made myself a 2018 goals list--and staying on task is a challenge--I keep telling myself the end year results will be worth it

  2. Sometimes working on quilts on a list feels like treading water, just takes a long time to get a quilt accomplished. But you are making progress and that is what matters.


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