Monday, March 26, 2018

Village Mistake

Of all the possible mistakes I make in sewing and quilting, the one that boils my blood most of all is wasting fabric. And darn it, I wasted some of my precious sky fabric for the Village quilt.

In my earnestness to build lots of houses, I discovered that quite a few of my sky parts were cut inaccurately - too large, to be precise, which meant that in order to salvage what I could, I had to whack off 5/8-inch from far too many triangles. Follow the photos below to see what I mean.

The top triangle is the correct size; the lower stack is obviously too big.

So I cut away the excess; grrr! Straight into the waste bin!

And I didn't just cut a few wrong. Nosiree. I cut bunches wrong. Man-o-man, I was fuming at my stupid mistake; if I had only checked the directions, I would have known. There I was, thinking I was totally cool with this pattern and had it all under control. I tell you, every time I get a bit too big for my britches, I get a brutal reminder that I'm not the wonder woman I think I am.

I suppose I should be grateful that I didn't cut them too small; at least this way I did still get to use them. The other way around would have resulted in buying replacement fabric.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I always think it is better to cut too large than too small, that really wastes fabric.


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