Sunday, March 25, 2018

Village Progress

It hasn't been an overly productive week from the quilting room, but I have continued to work periodically on the houses for Village. It has been a week since meeting Carrie Nelson for her Village session at Old Town Fabrics, and from the 11 houses I made that day, I am now up to 29. Minimal progress, but progress nonetheless.

I spent a productive hour or so one afternoon cutting lots of parts for houses. Finally, I have dipped into the 3rd line of Corey Yoder charm packs, Flower Mill. The variety will be wonderful, and I expect the house-building will continue for some time.

Speaking of variety, take a look at this design wall. Gracious! I removed half of the Prairie Vine blocks to make room for Village blocks. Now Village is growing around the remaining Prairie Vine blocks. I really ought to maintain my focus a little bit better. I think some telltale parts of other projects are evident to the left - yes, I admit to having a tendency to flit from one project to another all too often.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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