Sunday, June 16, 2019

Hand Quilting the Mini

I've taken a few stitches on the mini quilt from our recent mini-quilt-along hosted by Kim Diehl and Martingale Publishing. I used the Pounce tool to mark chalk lines through the template. See last post for complete explanation

I am not entirely happy with how much chalk is lost as I handle the project during quilting. I am going to have to get the template out again and remark some places, as opposed to guessing where the lines are located.

Oh, well. Not a major world problem, is it? I am completely okay with a bit of extra fussing. The way this is looking with these initial stitches is really making me happy.

Hope you have a great Sunday! We are off to meet the daughters in Columbus for a Father's Day lunch!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Those Baptist Fans are definitely worth a bit of extra fussing. The quilting is a really good choice for the fabrics and patchwork pattern. I always find I have to reapply chalk markings - I use a Chaco marker.

  2. Lovely.
    I have a large baptist fan template. Where did you purchase the small that you have? How big are the arcs?


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