Thursday, February 4, 2021

Clutter-Bug Remedies

 Never in my life of 60+years have I ever been referred to as a neat freak. More often than not, I live in perpetual clutter with a healthy dose of dust, just for effect.

If you have been with me here these past 4-5 weeks, you know that I am attempting to bring some order to my sewing room. Click this link to read some specifics.

Now let's address the conditions typically found on my sewing desk. Cluttered? Messy? Precariously piled? All of the above? Yes. (I once had a student refer to my desk as a 'black hole.') This truly has been a life-long tendency.

The photo above is from at least a couple of years ago, and perhaps I have tidied the desk once since then, but as late as last weekend, the situation looked much the same.

I am happy to report that the desk - at present - is sparkly clean! Have a look!

I love this! Why I have such a hard time keeping it like this mystifies me, but man-oh-man, this feels soooo good.

Messy Jayne went a step further in the cleaning process. There are 5 pincushions there on the clean desk. That is at least 3 too many. And they are all quite dusty and linty. I actually cleaned pincushions, if you can believe that.

My friend Sheryll made these pincushions (and a needle book). I use them a lot, and they'd become so dusty. I pulled out all the pins, needles, etc. and actually used an attachment on my sweeper to clean off the dust. What a difference!

I have set aside these two pincushions and will use them another time. I don't need so many out at once.

Now, I not only have a clean, useable surface at my desk, I have less clutter by putting things away, and I can keep nice things longer by taking better care.

Can old dogs learn new tricks??

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I have the twin sister to your sewing room. Same, same, same everywhere. I even have 4-5 pincushions on the go at once because I can never one when I need one. Congratulations on the cleaning. (Feels good doesn't it?) I should tackle my sewing room too. Maybe next week. ;^)

  2. good job Jayne! I am just the opposite with my quilting - everything in order BUT during my working career, I was the only one who know where everything was on my "piled higher and deeper" contracts to be awarded, worked, or reviewed! LOL.

  3. LOVE your accomplishment!!! Mine looks like that most of the time as does some of the rest of my house too. The goal this year is to be better about all of it. It is worse because I live alone and I don't invite people over currently. Happy Sewing !!! Stay SAFE

  4. I am really impressed with your sustained effort - such an excellent result! The main thing is, are you enjoying being in your sewing space more now than how it was before? Do you feel more relaxed and maybe more productive too? If there are good reasons to stop clutter re-accumulating I'm sure you'll be able to keep with the 'new tricks'! :-)


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