Thursday, June 7, 2012

Borders Fabrics for Spumoni

After class on Tuesday, I stopped down at the quilt shop to search for border fabrics for Spumoni, which you saw a couple of days ago. Click here, if curious.

I found two that were totally what I envisioned for this quilt. I think you will agree.

The lighter fabric will be a 2" inner border; the darker fabric will be a 6" outer border. There will be enough left over of the lighter fabric to use it for binding.

No, I did not buy backing fabric. I probably should have, but I didn't. Maybe I will wait for a sale, or an on-line deal. Since I am satisfied for now to just get things done to the "flimsy" stage, there's plenty of time to ponder a backing fabric.

Tomorrow Sharon is coming over for a day of sewing. I will be making 6 more blocks for Spumoni, so that I have a 5x6-block quilt. I am sure I am going to like it better with one more row. And those blocks go together soooo fast, I know I can have them done and attached after a day with Sharon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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