Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grandma's Quilts - Updated

This is probably going to happen quite a lot. As I get or take more pictures of the quilts Grandma has  made, I will be adding them to the "Grandma's Quilts" page, accessed by clicking the tab up there on the banner.

This quilt is the one I was talking about on the twin bed in the little bedroom. Grandma uses this room and frequently has "stuff" on the bed. The pretty little Monkey Wrench quilt is generally covered with a few jigsaw puzzle boxes, a board on which she works her puzzles and other assorted stuff.

We cleaned it off a week or so ago. Here it is!

Hand-pieced and hand-quilted, of course. Notice the design in the setting blocks - it's the same as one I'd previously mentioned.

Another quilt at Grandma's is the signature quilt I made for her commemorating her 90th birthday in 2006. Guests signed it at the big bash we had for her, and I pieced it. Then SHE quilted it! One of the last ones she did, actually. She really enjoyed quilting it she said, as it gave her a chance to think about so many fond friends and family members as she quilted the block each had signed.

This quilt is dispayed in her sitting room, where she watches TV. I used scrap blues and reds to give it a patriotic feel, since she is so fond of patriotic quilts. Still after nearly 6 years, she enjoys looking at it.

I will add these quilts to the page of Grandma's quilts. One job on my to-do list this summer is to photograph all the quilts I have here that Grandma made or quilted for me. Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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