Friday, June 1, 2012

June First, Twenty Twelve

Gosh, I just can't believe we are in June already. Where have the months gone? I am fairly certain I was just celebrating the new year not that long ago!

Today, I am off to sew with the Frankfort girls. It will be a fun morning - one of the group has had a trip to Manchester, England, since we last were together. And then there'll be untold finishes to share. I will be taking my mother's signature quilt with me - not to show and tell, but to leave at Terry's house for quilting. So excited to be getting that quilt finished and given to Mom.

So, what has been going on here, then?? Well, DH is out of school and retired, so he's permanently out of school. Our weather has been so pleasant here for a couple of days that he's getting a lot of outdoor work accomplished.

Inside, I am working on a 30-day clutter challenge. I saw it on Pinterest, and figured it would be a good idea for me to at least make an effort. For 30 days, I am supposed to tackle one cluttered area per day. Today is my 3rd day. I need to tackle today's clutter, too, and it's after 9pm. (I am writing this post early, and scheduling it for later.) The first day, I did the floor on my side of the bed - that area around the nightstand that always seems to get out of hand. Yesterday, I organized and filed bills. Ugh, I hate that job. Consequently, there was quite a pile of paperwork to sort through. A lot went into the trash, but an equal amount is now filed in an orderly fashion in the file cabinet. Tonight, I think I will go for the clutter on top of the dresser in the guest room. I still have 3 hours to do it.

On the stitching scene, I have been working on 2 things - a hand-quilting project and a machine-piecing project. You've seen them before, but for the sake of having at least a couple of pics on this post, I will share again.

My Darcy Schnibbles is nearly finished! I am quilting the border now.

And my Bursting Star parts are becoming one unit! You will see more about this tomorrow when you join me for the Lone Star Quilt Along!

Stop back by tomorrow for our monthly Lone Star show and tell!

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