Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quilt Camp - Day 4

On the 4th day of quilt camp my true love gave to me...oh, wait, that's a Christmas tune, not a camp tune.

Thursday's edition of quilt camp was showing signs of definite progress on our hard work. Those who came and sewed every day, all day were happy campers, indeed.

Sherrie has begun to sew some of her stars together.

I should have asked her how many of her flying geese units she has constructed. I know this was proving to be a daunting aspect of making this quilt. It's turning out so pretty, though, that I doubt she will regret making the decision to tackle it.

Kay and Sharon continued making the blocks for their respective Tag Sales.

Kay began joining her blocks and decided to go with royal blue sashing strips (which is a break from the pattern's directions), but I failed to get a picture of that, doggone it. I left them all on Thursday with directions to take pics of the Friday activities, so maybe I will have one to share soon.

Pam finished her place mats. Looking very spiffy, and ready for a new bride's table.

She also finished the church missions project. Very ingenious, actually; on the back there's both a pocket for hanging it on a rod, and also an opening for inserting a pillow form. Versatile, to say the least!

Pat was beginning to lay out her blocks to see how she would best like to set them together. We offered her a few suggestions, and she was going to try several of them. Hopefully we can get a picture of it after it's all together and share it.

Oh, I am so sorry that I am such an unreliable blogger!

Not only did I miss taking a picture of Kay's Tag Sale, I also failed to get an updated picture of Anita's Log Cabin. Here is a severely zoomed and pixelated shot of it, in the background of another picture. Again, I hope that the campers took pics for me on Day 5 so that I can bring you additional results!

Kay also had this t-shirt quilt hanging up - as early as Day 1, I believe. She may have put this together Monday morning before I got there. She is an amazingly prolific quilter, trust me!

To prove my point, take a look at Kay's blocks for the Generals' Wives Quilt she is doing as a BOM. I just love this quilt. The LQS that is sponsoring the BOM has one on display and it is simply gorgeous!!

Georgia, Sharon R., Suzi, and Betty were all hard at work on Day 4, doing more of the same as they were on Day 3, so I didn't bother them to take additional pictures. Suzi did change her mind, and work on a different quilt, though. Instead of the Christmas quilt I pictured on the last post, she worked on a Shabby Chic pink and white and green floral quilt that I really liked.

So that's really all I can show you from the 2012 Quilt Camp. Now I do have more posts planned. Several campers brought in "show and tell" quilts from home. Those were fun to see, and I have quite a few to "show and tell" here. Stay tuned for that.

Also, I have not really shared what I worked on, so I can do that in an upcoming post, as well.

One additional thing I plan to post is the re-do I am tackling in my sewing room. Yes, I've been silent about it here, but there are pics to show the new and improved sewing room!

Finally, Friday was my morning with the Frankfort quilting group and there are one or two pics to show from that.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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