Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Convergence. I had some convergence happening in the quilting room recently. Let me tell you about it.

First, in the massive stash I had a package of Bali Pop fabrics called Spumoni. I'd used the purple and gold strips from the pack for Emma's graduation quilt last year, and the remaining strips were just cluttering up valuable space in the sewing room. I knew I needed to just get them out and use them up! But on what project?? That was my dilemma.

Then, lo and behold!! At the Friday quilting group a few months back, Terry showed us these two quilts using 2.5" strips! An idea was born!!

I followed no pattern; I just made some 4-patches, and then added rows around them! Don't you know that I quickly ran out of strips, and had to go buy another pack of Spumoni!! (So much for reducing the stash!)

This was the leftovers which I began with at the end of March. (The leftovers with which I began, if I use my English teacher voice.)

Here's my stack of finished blocks, which I did last night. Now, check out my top!

I am considering making 6 more blocks to make it one row wider. Currently it is 4 x 6 blocks; I'm thinking 5 x 6 would work better. This is a double bed, and it isn't completely covered. Then I will have to ponder borders. (I fear that will require buying more batik yardage - I have none in my stash!!)

I am a very happy camper to have this impromptu quilt finished (well, maybe finished!).

Happy Quilting, Friends!!


  1. Way to move fabric ! A great looking flimsy, is it like the Crayon Box pattern? Can't wait to see what you find for the border.


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