Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home Again!

So glad to be home. While I had a simply wonderful week in Myrtle Beach, it always feels good to get back. I do feel energized to get cracking on some of the projects I shared over the past week. Wonder what I will work on first??

Well, before I decide, I will take a moment to show a couple of vacation pics. The weather during our week was partly cloudy; we only had really good sun towards the end of the week - Thursday and Friday. The earlier days were quite cloudy and one day was rainy. Here are a few of the highlights of the week.

In a moment of madness, we decided to be daredevils and take a daring, exciting ride in this. Our driver spun us around, sprayed us with our wake, and generally gave us the thrill ride of our lives. What squealing and fun! We didn't want it to end!

On Friday, a couple of us got up and out to the beach in time to see the sunrise. Many people do this! The beach had many more people out than I expected. Afterwards, we walked about 2.5 miles to the south to a pier, and then walked back. It was a pleasant, breezy morning for a walk. Five miles before 9am! Impressive!

Yes, there was a good bit of this, too, and gladly so! And, yes, those are bandaids you see on each foot; I have a matching set of blisters rubbed from walking in wet flip-flops. Life is rough, right? *grin*

Today we are off to see DH's father for Father's Day. My own dear dad has been gone for nearly 30 years, now, but we always think of our dads on Father's Day, don't we? Gone, but not forgotten.

Back to quilting tomorrow!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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