Friday, June 22, 2012

Second Go-Around

I was so excited to make another quilt using the Victorian Roses template, that I have already gotten the 4-patch units made!

Victorian Roses was super-easy and fun to make. However, the blocks were gi-normous, and I placed the darker blue where I should have placed the lighter blue. (Click here and here and here to see the posts on it.)

My idea is to make it twice more. The first one used 3.5" squares for the 4-patch units. This second one will have 3" squares in those units. Everything will be sized down accordingly. And then, eventually, I will make one more, using 2.5" squares. (Quilters, are you following that??)

The fabrics in this quilt will be featuring Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles for Moda. It will be my feature fabric used in the setting block. The gray print has no marking on the selvege, but I do remember buying it from the bargain basement at Mrs. Miller's Dry Goods in Berlin, OH, in the heart of Ohio's Amish country. I used it in DH's Ohio State t-shirt quilt, and this is the left-over. Next, is Judy Rothermel fabric called The Bancroft Collection from The new England Quilt Museum for Marcus Fabrics. And on the bottom, another Kansas Troubles fabric, this one from the collection called Stitches on the Oregon Trail.

The 4-patches make me giddy with excitement to continue on this quilt. I am pleased with how these two fabrics work so well together, and that gray will do a nice job of creating the chain through the quilt when all the blocks are sewn together.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love that top fabric and it will look just great with your 4-patches.

  2. Beautiful fabric choices, anxious to see the three sizes of your quilts.necket


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