Friday, June 8, 2012

Spumoni with Borders

I made and added 6  more blocks to my Spumoni batik quilt. I am so glad I did it. Here's one of the blocks I added, and I am particularly pleased with the combination of colors and patterns.

Do you agree? I am loving the 4-patch combination most, I think. Then the rest of the fabrics just enhance that. Well, anyway, you all know how easy it is to get excited about fabrics, right?? *grin*

Here's the finished quilt top - the flimsy - as they are known. Nice word for them, I must say. The row on the far right is the row I added.

Outside in the evening sunshine - can you see how blue our skies have been today? Well, there's Spumoni - a completely unplanned quilt made (mostly) of scrap fabric from the stash. Glad to have used so much of it up.

I have some bits left, and I already have something going to use up those bits.

No buying more this time!!

Happy quilting, Friends!

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