Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Huge Splash of Color

Sharon was here to sew on Tuesday, and oh my goodness, what a riot of color came together over at her sewing table! The colorful 2.5" squares were leftovers from a previous project. Rather than let them wither away in a tub, she has been stitching them together - with absolutely no plan or idea of what would result. So often we work this way - no preconceived notion of how the finish will look, but confident that through the process, inspiration will take hold and a thing of beauty will result.

Sharon began by stitching 16-patch blocks. After all those were completed, she just continued attaching them - what is shown above are 4 16-patch blocks sewn together, and she has 16 of them. A gorgeous 4x4-block quilt is in the making.

While working on these over the recent few weeks, her idea for how to finish began forming when she saw the post that my daughter wrote. You will see definite similarities. That moment of inspiration arrived! Her plan now is to apply creamy white solid sashing strips around these colorful blocks. It will look spectacular. I will happily provide follow-up pics as it comes together. :)

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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