Monday, April 25, 2016

Resolution Update

My big resolution for 2016 is to try to get one flimsey per month off of a hanger in the closet and out to be quilted and finished. As most resolutions go, I am already off track, but I am optimistic that I can get a few more done by year's end. Which is the whole point, anyway.

I did January's - Vincent, my Van Gogh-inspired quilt using Avignon fabric by American Jane. Below is a picture of it, and here is the post of its finish.

For February, I sent off my scrappy 16-patch stars. It will be coming back to me this week ready for binding. A bit late, since we are nearly through April already, but there have been some snags along its journey to being finished. Terry, my friendly quilter, had some health issues and then the backing I sent was causing her machine to skip stitches - these were the most significant of the snags. Hopefully, we are back on track now, though, and last I spoke with Terry, this Tuesday is the target delivery date. Below is February's quilt.

I was in a quandary about what to do for March, and since now April is about over and May is looming, I don't know which month to assign to this quilt. I suppose I will call it May, and just accept the fact that I skipped March and April. *sigh*

May's quilt is my beautiful Eventide made from Roman Holiday fabric by 3 Sisters. The pattern is a Carrie Nelson/Miss Rosie's Quilts design, and I love everything about it. Having such a pretty quilt hanging in a closet is almost criminal, so off it will go to Terry for quilting. Here is the post from when I finished the quilt top clear back in August of '14.

One final this afternoon; several essays to get graded; another final on Wednesday; a book to get read by Friday; bridal shower for niece Abby on Saturday; final grades to be submitted as early as possible. Just a normal busy week around here. Whew.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. So glad those quilts are no longer hanging in the closet! You can only go as fast as you can go. I completely missed the deadlines to post on the 2016 Finish Along let alone actually keeping to my UFO action plan!But like you I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs... Hope you find some opportunities to sew between all the other things ☺

  2. I Love your quilts! They are gorgeous! Glad you are getting things caught up; wish I could say the same. I love three sisters fabric; have some in my stash I need to put into a quilt. And that 16 patch quilt with the stars is fabulous! I think I may do that one with some scraps.


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