Sunday, April 3, 2016

Back On Track

After cutting out the wrong quilt for retreat, I have refocused my scatterbrained self, and have the correct quilt cut and ready for stitching. I'd like you to meet what will become All In A Row, a quilt by designer Kim Diehl.

I saved a plastic box from Christmas candy and have all the little 9-patch parts and churn dash parts stored there for easy transport. In the foreground are the sashing and border fabrics. And stacked over to the right are the fabrics I will take, should I find that my cutting was off. (Never! Ha!)

What an assembly line of cutting I had going. Above are the makings of 25 9-patch blocks, all cut at 1.5 inches.

And, yes, I did make a sample block. Easy-peasy. This will be fun to construct. Not nearly so labor-intensive as the one I cut out by mistake. That one will require concentration; this one won't so much.

Click back here to see what All In A Row will look like, and to read about my cutting snafu.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Well done for getting all that cutting completed, I think that is the most labour intensive (and probably my least favourite) part of starting a new quilt.

  2. That sample block looks just great, glad you are all prepared for the piecing of this quilt. ☺


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