Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pam's Project

Frienzie Pam is one for projects - we have done several at her house over the years, and she is always game for any new thing we come up with. Actually, it's usually Pam who comes up with new things! Her penchant for projects carries over into her church's youth group, and this particular project definitely would appeal to all we quilters.

Various ladies in the church sewed the blocks of this quilt together after the youth drew the Zentangle designs on the white centers.
Each block has a Bible verse written on it, or just the chapter and verse. This stunning creation will be auctioned off for missions efforts of the youth group.

As striking as the front of the quilt is, the back is equally interesting. In order to place the label prominently, Pam pieced this colorful row of blocks into the backing fabric.

And the label contains the names of all those whose hands helped with the making of the quilt. What a wonderful project, from beginning to end. When we saw this quilt on Wednesday, Pam had only to stitch down the binding, and I understand she had a volunteer ready to do that task. If I learn how much the sale of the quilt brings in, I will be sure to report it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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