Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Daughter Can Quilt

Over Easter weekend when all the kids were here (yay!), DD1 Erin, asked me to help her with finishing a baby quilt she was making for friends who have a new baby. Since November, I've been holding on to pictures related to this quilt until it was given, and now that it has been, I've persuaded Erin into "guest blogging" for me in the near future. Consider this, then, a preview of upcoming events.

She'd worked very steadily on the quilt until she got to those outside edges. That is always such a tricky thing, and it'd been several weeks, perhaps months, since she'd made any progress. Maybe she works like her momma - when it seems too difficult, just put it away and don't think about it.

She did want to finish it, though, and give it to her friends. After she quilted all the edges, we made our way to the sewing room to cut and apply the binding. She is pinning in the photo above.

Binding is one part of the quilting process Erin had never done before, so with guidance from yours truly, she tackled that walking foot and put the binding on all by herself. She chose to hand stitch it in place. She sent pics of her finish, and I believe she was both pleased and relieved to have it done.

I have more pictures, and now that baby has his quilt, we will even include him in Erin's guest post. Stay tuned! Don't know how soon it will happen, but she agreed, so I will hold her to it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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