Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Wrap-Up

I just love April, and here we are saying our farewells. It went by in a blur, most certainly. I began the month by cutting out several quilts - one erroneously - then off to Canter's Cave Quilt Retreat.

I finished All In a Row at quilt camp.

I finished Abby's bridal quilt top and it is at the quilter's. (No post on this yet; I will share after the wedding in June.)

I prepped Eventide for my May resolution and it is at the quilter's.

I began Molly's baby quilt.

I made pillow cases to match Abby's quilt.

I did quite a bit of mending for DH and DD2.

I had a sewing class day with Claudia in which we made zipper bags.  I also sewed with Sharon and at Terry's, giving me lots of time at the machine.

That pretty much sums up my sewing activity. Other stuff took a bit of priority, too. The courses at OUC kept me with a steady stream of essays and finals to grade. Various events with our kids, family and friends, plus the normal stuff around the house that everyone knows must be done - all combined to keep me B-U-S-Y.

On top of it all, I managed to do more blogs this month than any so far in 2016, beating the January total by 1. I sort of set a goal for myself - attempt to write one every day. I don't often achieve that goal, but it keeps me on task.

Here is a collage of non-sewing things that have popped through my world in the last week.

My twin nieces and their parents took a week to go to Siesta Key in Florida for vacation. The girls drew my name in the sand with a heart around it. They also had quite a sand sculpture going. The crazy cow bird at the window has been pecking at his reflection for a full week now. And DH's iris are so full of color; they are quite the show-offs this spring.

What will May bring? I will definitely get the baby quilt finished. I should get both Abby's quilt and Eventide bound. I'd like to make more blocks for the Best of All quilt - the one I cut erroneously.

And I must try to get as much of another commissioned quilt done as possible - Elisa's king quilt.

I don't think I've mentioned it, but I have a t-shirt quilt waiting in the wings, too.

Staying busy. I like it that way. Off to a bridal shower!!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Every once in a while we have a bird that pecks at the window for hours on end--so annoying, but kind of funny! It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy in the month of May!


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