Sunday, April 10, 2016

Brilliant Guest Post by Daughter Erin!!

I sorta' thought I'd be sharing Canter's Cave retreat activities, but it looks like Erin, my lovely first daughter, has finished her guest post, so why don't we just do that today.  Erin is always fun to hang out with, and she has a great sense of humor. I think you will enjoy her post. *grin*

Erin’s Guest Blog – Lovingly laced with sarcasm
Co-written by
Making Landon's Quilt

Good Morning, blog fans! I’m here to talk to you today about actual QUILTING. Now, I am a real professional – I don’t know what my mom has been rattling on about over these last few years… something about her quilting room, which used to be my bedroom, and you know what? I used to get in a lot of trouble about keeping that room clean, and I can say with all certainty that during my occupancy it was never as messy as it is now. I bet she never shows you those pictures.

Anyway, I have started and finished a grand total of TWO QUILTS over my three year career. Click here to see Auggie's quilt. That’s right, folks – I have exactly ZERO UFOs. That is because I work exclusively for a very demanding demographic. Babies.

A Step-By-Step Quilting Tutorial
Let’s get into this thing, shall we? About a month before Mama Carrie’s baby shower, I saw this quilt for sale on the internet:

And in typical Erin fashion, I thought to myself, “Yeah, I could crank that out in a month.” So, again I took to the internet and I ordered some fabric… and then I waited because that was so much more convenient than driving to the fabric store and… two weeks later, I got to work.

Now, I know a lot of you think you need fancy rotary cutters to make quick work of whipping out (about) 225 white squares, and after spending several hours hand-measuring and cutting them, I agree with you a hundred percent. And after I got them all pieced together and it looked a little wonky and I cried a little, I agree with you another hundred percent.

Remember when I saved so much time earlier by ordering fabric online and saving myself a drive? Brilliant! – except that I ran out of white fabric for backing, so yeah no big deal I’m just going to head to the fabric store now.

Wow, cool store! And I got some Starbucks while I was out! I would’ve had to go out for that anyway, so, ya know… two birds.

I was now officially on a roll. I could not be stopped! I am some sort of quilting wizard!

On the day of Carrie’s shower, I had, well… still a long way to go. It’s cool though because you shouldn’t rush perfection and I had some other neat gifts for Baby. And that was all the excuse I needed to slow this project waaaaaayyyy dowwwnnn.

That was six months ago. Baby Landon was born at the end of December. In March I started back up where I left off (in September). Again, I was on a roll. I could not be stopped! I must be some sort of quilting wizard!

Mom already blogged the pics from Easter weekend when I was putting on finishing touches, so we’ll just get to the good stuff.


Great job to you eagle-eyes out there – that last picture is not actually a quilt, but my cat Rocky with his 'Lellow Nanner.' And for anyone who was wondering about the L.T.D. 1/1 tag, that is an inside joke between me and Landon’s dad, who used to give me extremely rare and valuable “limited edition” autographs.

But here are the pictures that will make scrolling through this insufferable post all worth it…

Baby Landon looking like an absolute heart-breaker, and his brother, Dexter, wishing he was still the center of attention. I think they approve.

Well, until another one of my friends gets pregnant… sayonara!

Thanks, Erin, my love! I appreciate your being a good sport about writing this guest post. You're a natural!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. awesome post, awesome quilt and awesome baby and brother pics. great job!

  2. I enjoyed reading this, thank you Erin. The quilt is great and the baby is cute too.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Those pictures are so cute!

  4. Great post - what a fun girl your daughter is.

    Now Mum - remember to keep that sewing room clean and tidy!!

  5. Oh Erin, you should never give away your mom's secret messes...she knows waay more embarrassing things about you than you can ever write about. If this becomes a friendly game of whose-story-is-more-embarrassing, you'll lose. Trust me, your mom has birthday=suit pictures!

    And speaking of pictures, your quilt is stunning! You friend is probably more proud and thrilled to have this quilt than she will ever be able to say because it's stunning!


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