Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tote Bags Aplenty

Further proof that I've worked my way right out of a job - happily, of course - Claudia is making tote bags with wild abandon! Over the course of the last few weeks, she has sent me the photos below.

I believe I have mentioned that Claudia and her husband raise, train and show Border Collies and Shelties. It will be no surprise, then, that she created these panels for some of her totes.

But not all are dog-themed. The bag above will be perfect for springtime use. From the very beginning Claudia has had a fondness for bright, cheery colors, and that is evident in her fabric choices for these tote bags.

Here's group picture of what she calls her tote bag phase. Same pattern for all the bags, just different sizes and treatments.

Well done,Claudia! I am having a hard time staying caught up with you!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

1 comment:

  1. Did she use the Momdo Bag pattern? Do you know where she
    got the Border Collie fabric?
    I really enjoy following your blog, Jayne!


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