Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Canter's Cave Accomplishments

It seems as though I've been prattling on about the retreat at Canter's Cave for a very long time, and I do apologize for dragging it out so long. Today I will share with you the actual accomplishments we made while at the retreat. I have things from JoAnn, Sheryll and Terry for your viewing pleasure.

First, JoAnn. She was into making lots of small, easily accomplished projects, and therefore, she had several. She was the one of us who's already made the All In A Row quilt that we worked on together, so her time was free to make other things. And she did.
Now that I have these 4 photos arranged in a collage, I think I might have given JoAnn credit for one that is not hers. Well, let's just say that the two hexie blocks are definitely JoAnn's, as well as the patriotic quilt. The upper right picture is either hers or Jan's, and the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that Jan had this to show us.

Jan made the quilt from blocks that Terry gave to her; she is going to pay it forward to one of her daughter's special needs students who will soon be graduating from high school.

The patriotic quilt is a community service project that JoAnn's Florida guild is heavily involved in. The quilts are finished and given to veterans who have retired in the central Florida area.
The quilts above are the gorgeous efforts of Sheryll. Her All In A Row quilt top was the first to be completed at the retreat. Seeing hers gave me the boost I needed to keep working on mine. Her other quilt was one she had in progress and finished while at Canter's Cave. It is a pattern called Laura's Hat Pins, made with 4-inch blocks and finishing at 30.5 x 36.25 inches. Really pretty - delicate and whimsical.

The two projects above come from the sewing machine of Terry. Her purple and tan quilt is one she had started before arrival and finished quickly before moving on to All In A Row. Her blocks are laid out on the right, and she stopped there because she planned to revisit an old UFO friend - Long Road Home. Yes, that's the same quilt that she wanted to make so many, many months ago. Instead, both Sheryll and I have finished ours, and hers is still in the early construction stage. I do not have any pictures of her Long Road Home progress, but I'm sure I will have in the coming weeks.

Jan attended retreat for just one day. Since she was still in a cast from her recent rotator cuff surgery, she was unable to stay and do any significant sewing, but we did enjoy her company and she did, as always, bring us treats. She goes way overboard in treating, that's for sure! A bag full of goodies and a t-shirt!

Laura, Susan and Sharon O. were present, too, and I've shown most of what they did. I do want to bring you one more post on my All In A Row quilt, but that may wait a few days, as it really has nothing to do with retreat. I will focus more on how I constructed it - my assembly line.

I hope all these pretty quilts have given you some inspiration for your own quilt-making. I sure am inspired from seeing these wonderful friends creating such fantastic quilts.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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