Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Baby Day

Is there any way better to beat the gray and blustery Monday blahs than to see a picture of a happy baby? Possibly. If one were holding and snuggling a happy baby, that would probably do it.

Meet Cecelia, aka CeCe to her close, personal friends. She is the little darling who received a (very late) quilt to honor her birth. Her momma Erin sent this picture last week. Mother, baby and big sister Nora are in town this week visiting Gramma Vickie, my good friend and book club cohort.

Click back here to see some details on the quilt CeCe is adorning. I am planning to get a chance to see this little darling this week; hopefully I can schedule a visit around Canter's Cave quilt retreat, which is an hour in the opposite direction.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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  1. So cute, and the quilt's very pretty too! Hope you get some cuddles.


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