Saturday, April 16, 2016

All In A Row - A Closer Look

At the retreat a week and a half ago, I worked hard to finish the group sew-along we worked on, All In A Row by designer Kim Diehl. I thought I would show a little bit about my construction process. I talked about pulling the fabric and cutting the kit prior to going to retreat. You can click back here to review, if you like.

Going from the preparing of the fabric to this finished flimsey was quite the fun journey. I would never have made this quilt if the girls hadn't agreed to make it a group sew-along at retreat. I am ever-so-grateful that we did it. I just love my finish, and am considering hand-quilting it.

I've prepared a collage of photos that represent the major parts of the construction process. First up was to make 25 little 9-patch blocks - all with individually cut 1.5" squares. That is what you see in the upper left photo.

In the upper right photo, you can see that I have made all the HSTs for the corners and the bars for the sides of each churn dash. I lay out every single block and stack them up on top of each other. This is how I keep the parts straight, and know that all the right parts are being sewn together.

The lower left photo shows the chain piecing process. I have attached one seam top to bottom on all 25 blocks. I lay them back out beside their remaining parts, and proceed to chain piece these seams in the same way.

The lower right photo has all the parts sewn, and ready for pressing.

That is very abbreviated explanation of the way I manage chain piecing. It works for me, so I figure (if you could follow those details) it might also work for others.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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