Saturday, June 3, 2017

A New Binding Box

A common problem many quilters have is the inability to throw away any amount of leftover fabric. This affliction plagues me to a ridiculous degree - especially if the bits of fabric are from some really precious line that's out of circulation.

In keeping with that penchant for saving, I have saved ends of excess binding for years and have always kept them in this sturdy, recycled box that my salt shaker and pepper grinder came in. (Maybe I save more than just bits of fabric.)

I just labeled across the end - no reason to be fancy. This box has worked great for a good number of years, but recently it has been a pain trying to pack more bindings in there. The lid would not go on at all and I was constantly picking bindings up off the floor where they'd spilled over.

As I was putting away the excess binding from my last finish, I decided enough was enough. Just locate another box for heaven's sake!  I surely have saved some equally sturdy boxes in a larger size. Sure enough, I found one that is going to work just fine. It's a Harry and David's box, beautifully decorated with pears. (I should have taken a picture of it, but the contents are the significant thing, right?)

Now I am set for a few more years. Plenty of room to add binding bits. I have actually used bindings out of this saved collection over the years, so I think it is worth it to save them.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I'm always saving nice boxes! And tins!

  2. I giggled out loud when you said you save more than fabric. I am the same way! Good boxes are very useful! No need to add more to our landfills when something can be reused in its current state right? I love cookie tins or coffee cans too. I have my bindings in a shoebox right now and they are about ready to be moved into a bigger space as well.

  3. :-) My binding ends are spilling out of an overfull basket - sure to have a bigger one somewhere... One day they may become a scrappy binding or be used in a string quilt.


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