Monday, June 5, 2017

Progress on June UFO

The post from Friday about my current UFO explains some ideas I was considering for making this medallion quilt with my Flag Day Farm bandanna panel.  Today, I have pretty much tossed all of those ideas, and new ones are now taking shape.

Just to be able to accommodate any future changes of mind I might have, I have decided that I will not sew any of the various units to each other until I have the entire quilt top figured out. I will create the units - like those flying geese strips - and add them unit by unit to the design wall to see how everything works before stitching the top together.

I spent a lot of time perusing medallion quilts on Pinterest, and after seeing several that had the center panel on point, I felt quite compelled to turn mine, too. Would such a simple change provide me with a spark of inspiration? Yes! It was no time at all until I was adding flying geese and corner triangles. I will be coming up with corner blocks to finish the geese row; hourglass blocks, maybe?

This closer view provides a better shot of the flying geese units. Originally, I intended them to be red geese on tan background. Does it surprise you that I simply cut out the fabrics the exact opposite way? This aggravated me and caused me to grumble to myself for about 10 minutes, but since my Minick and Simpson fabrics are not that plentiful, I figured, make 'em the way I cut 'em! And they look fine, wouldn't you agree?

Having no idea how many geese I'd need, I used the no-waste method and ended up with 44 geese; it looks like 10 per side will suffice, so there'll be 4 leftovers. I used all of this red fabric, too, so I am glad it worked.

Stay tuned. folks. I have no idea how this will look when I finish. It's definitely a try-something-and-be-surprised quilt. You will be just as surprised by the end design as I.

I'm joining the fun at Monday Making hosted by Love Laugh Quilt. Come on along and check out the inspiration!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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