Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lavender Sachets - A Project for Frienzies

Lately, when we Frienzies have our get togethers, we have "activities" or projects. These range from making Christmas ornaments to Valentine's treats and more. Since I was hostessing our group this month, I came up with making lavender sachets for our activity. Here's a quick tutorial on how we did them. It was really easy, believe me.

I ordered a 1-pound bag of lavender on-line. Let me just say that a pound is a whole lot more than I needed. I poured about half the bag into this tin for easy access. The rest is put back for future sachets I will make. (What else to do? With all this lavender, I guess I everyone I know will someday be getting a sachet!)

I'd been planning out how I would have the girls make these in an easy and efficient way. Thinking that the lavender should be in a lining bag, I made a bunch of them out of unbleached muslin scraps I had on hand. I pinked the edges so that I wouldn't have to turn in the seams.

I used the fold for one side, stitched up two sides and left the remaining side open for pouring in the lavender. These were cut slightly smaller than the fabric I planned to use for the outside of the sachets.

A quick bit of background: back in the late 80s or early 90s, the fabric company Benartex offered subscription-type access to little packs of their new fabric lines. They are 4" squares, and may very well have been the precursor of the popular 5" squares we know as charm packs from Moda. Anyway, I had a gazillion of these and no set plan for their use, so I put them all out for the girls to select from for their sachets.

The two sets above are what I used for my prototypes - two greens with a lining and two purples with a lining. Below are my finished sachets. I added an embellishment to one; I didn't know if the girls would be interested in embellishing, but I did make a bunch of scrap ribbons available just in case.

Dinner was planned for the screened porch, so our activity took place on the kitchen table. All the girls are gathered around, selecting their fabrics. You see the tin of lavender, the basket with all the 4" squares, random embellishment ribbons, and all the necessary tools.

The steps they needed to complete were: 1, select two fabrics; 2, fill lining bag with 3 tsp. of lavender; 3, stitch the lining closed; 4, insert the lining in the outer fabrics and stitch all 4 sides, adding embellishments, if desired. Easy-peasy!!

In the foreground, Sherrie holds out her finished sachet. In the background, Sharon is stitching hers.

Hettie shows off her finished sachet. She plans to hang hers on a hook in her closet.

The kitchen smelled heavenly! All that lavender permeated the room and I am still smelling it now! Making these sachets took very little time and I think the girls enjoyed the project. It was fun, and also results in a useful little gem for bedroom closets or drawers.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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