Saturday, June 10, 2017

Workin' On Swoon

I worked rather diligently this week to try to finish the last of the 3 Swoon blocks, but I met an obstacle that really slowed me down. I ran out of one fabric I needed for the pointy "bursts" coming off the center star. I searched this sewing room high and low for 8x4" of this blue with no luck whatsoever. Then I sent the pic to 2 friends who also collect KF fabrics, and they didn't have it, either.

Can you see that I was scrimping with this? I have pieced the blue to get these two HSTs.

So what to do...well, I decided that I would end up with a "humble block," one that is intentionally made with a mistake, so that the quilter remains humble in her imperfections.

Here's the substitute I have decided to  use.

If one knows to look for it, it will be easy to locate, but in the larger scheme, it will be just another purply-blue in a vast collection of blues. I think it will be fun having it in there, and I am eager to get on with finishing this block and the 9th block.

And speaking of the 9th block, here are the parts for it:

I sure hope I can get this quilt top together before the end of June. That's the goal.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Jayne, I love the colors in Swoon, just sooo pretty. I hope you meet your deadline! Happy sewing.


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