Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Freshening Up

Never in the nearly 38 years of house-keeping have I been accused of being a fussy decorator. My style is more in line with getting something together that works and then leaving it for a time - like maybe 20 years?

Well, with big stuff, yes, maybe. But as for smaller decorating touches, I do like to occasionally freshen up the decor and change out some of my little quilts to reflect the current season. Since we are quickly coming up on the Fourth, it seemed a good time to retire some quilts to storage while bringing out those reflective of summer and patriotism.

The door exiting our main living area into the garage is metal, so I have two magnetic clips there for hanging little quilts to fill the space. This red, white and blue star is one I made at quilt camp in 2012 and perfectly suits this space on the door. It also perfectly suits me in that it is not fussy, is quite understated and subdued. I enjoy putting it out each year. The pattern is by Thimbleberries, although I think I modified it somewhat.

For our kitchen table, (which is in the same room as the door, above) I have placed Pink Lemonade, a little quilt also made in 2012, with one of Lori's little quilt alongs. (I have searched my archives for this quilt, but have found few informative posts; perhaps you can search Lori's.)

This is such a happy little quilt. I like it so much that I have even considered making another one in some different colors. This pink and cheddar one is aptly named Pink Lemonade, and it perfectly exemplifies summertime.

I need to get busy! Many things remain on my to-do list!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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