Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Revisiting The Farmer's Wife Quilt

Social media sometimes boggles my mind. The path to revisiting my Farmer's Wife Quilt has some twists and turns involving social media, so bear with me as I set this up.

Back in March 2015, I had a goal to make at least 25 more Farmer's Wife blocks to go with the 20 (plus or minus) that I already had finished. I wrote about that endeavor here. It was a very short post and it contained just two pictures. Rather mundane in all regards.

It occurred to me that the two blocks, however, were really striking contrasts in fabric choices. Both blocks used the same red, but one had a white background print while the other had a dark gray background print. The contrast in how the red fabric looks when paired with different backgrounds is quite marked.

For whatever reason, I then did something that I don't do very often. I posted the pictures on Pinterest. And this is where the strange workings of social media come into play. In the two years since I posted these pictures, the red and white block has been pinned by over 4000 Pinterest users. Whopping popularity! The other block has been pinned by 73. The appeal for the block with the greater contrast far surpasses that of the block with low contrast.

This social media puzzle gets somewhat more involved when considering that I consistently have people looking at that post from March 2015 (link above). As a blogger, I have access to a page that provides data on what posts are popular, how many readers check the blog on a daily, weekly or  monthly basis, and more. I don't understand all of the data this page provides me, but I do understand that this one ordinary blog post from a random day in March/'15 is looked at several hundred times a day - still! I think it is a totally logical guess that those 4000+ pinners at Pinterest are clicking on the link to take a look. I am sure they are disappointed by such an dull blog post.

One person - Hi Donna! - has just recently left a comment, and I want to use the rest of today's post to answer her question.

Yes, I did reach my goal of making 25 blocks in that month. And ever since completing them, they, along with the 28 previous ones I had made (for a total of 53), have been safely stored away in a plastic tub here in my sewing room. Sometime in the next 6 months I will be turning them into a quilt top, as I have it listed as one of my UFOs for this year.

Here are some collages of them. I know the original pattern called for a lot more than 53 blocks, but these seemed like enough for me, and when the time comes I will figure out some way or other to form them into a decent-looking quilt top.

Good eye if you don't see that red and gray block represented here. I did the 52 very easily, and what could be done with one leftover block?

All of this twisting and turning of details come together here for my little social media story - I hope I made sense in detailing it. I am going to link this post back to the original March/'15 post so those thousands of pinners can come here if they so desire and see where I stand on this UFO. And when I do finally finish the quilt top, I will blog about it, and again link these posts just for making them all easier to find.

**Added later! If you'd like to see my finished Farmer's Wife Quilt flimsy, click here. Thanks for visiting and showing an interest in the crazy journey I had with this quilt!

Have a great day!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. They are amazing! Love all the patterns and colors. I have so much work to do after this move to get back into "gear" with my quilting. Ordered a new power cord to replace the misplaced one to my machine but I still can't find thread and's off to the quilt shop! :-)

  2. So very pretty. What size are your blocks?


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