Friday, June 9, 2017

Dontcha' Hate When That Happens?

This morning the healthy, non-working members of the Frankfort girls met at Terry's for stitching and fellowship. Two called off sick (get better soon Sharon and Jan!) and one had to work (sorry about your luck, Becky!). That left Terry, Sheryll and I to try our best to run the show without them.

Terry sorted a huge pile of pictures she'd recently printed off her phone. Sheryll worked on a wool applique. And I stitched a couple of hexie flowers. The conversation must have been really good because as I was zipping right along I looked down to see this:

Now how could I be so involved in our chattering that I completely sewed one petal on the wrong way? I somehow managed it.

It took no time at all to remove it and get all petals on correctly. I did this one and another this morning. Not a lot of output, but we also ate, looked at patterns, shopped on line, etc. Multi-tasking, you know.

I like these petal hexies. I need to figure out what I will make with them, though. I currently have no ideas whatsoever.

I will link today with Finish It Up Friday. As far as finishes go, this is piddling, but at least you can see other more amazing finishes.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I do hate when that happens! But it does happen to all of us. Good to know I am not alone. Love your petal hexies. I don't believe I have seen that pattern. Really cute.


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