Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Further Considerations for Flag Day Farm Medallion

The mental work I am doing on this quilt is most definitely taxing my brain. If only I could figure out a way to photograph all this mental work! The actual sitting-down-at-the-machine-and-sewing work is easy after all this thinking business.

More coffee, please!

So, my first post mentioned that because I really like stars and churn dashes, that I would probably make one row of each. Well, that idea has been tossed. I am interested in finishing this quilt top this month, not next year! Both stars and churns take a good bit of piecing, and I just don't want to devote that kind of time to finishing this UFO.

Here is my solution for the stars. Once I determined that my panel would be on point, I found a way in which I could get by with just 4 stars - one in each corner triangle around the panel. I went to Thimbleberries for a star pattern I knew I could make fast - the star I've made a gazillion of - from the pattern Christmas Confetti.

I took all the parts down and lined the design wall with a yard of the blue floral - this is what I will cut into triangles for the corners. I sewed together one strip of flying geese  -  and I did have to use 11 to get them to fit on the side. (Earlier I thought 10 would be enough.) Then I placed a star in the corner. This will be how I will square up the quilt. 

In this second photo, I have added back another row of flying geese (not stitched together) and another star, just to see the effect. Then I cropped off the bottom in the general vicinity of the square portion that will result when all is done.

What comes next? I will sew together the rest of the flying geese strips. Then I have to return to some mental work. I don't know what my next row around will be. I will be sure to share when I know what I'm doing!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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