Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Has Arrived!

Ahhh, can you feel the warmth, the fresh breeze and the longer days? I am loving it! It has always been hard for me to identify any particular month as my favorite because each one has much to offer. (I am the same way about choosing favorite colors - I like them all!!) I do have to say, though, that the springtime months are pretty darn near perfect.

I woke up early this morning (for me, anyway) and managed to get hubby out for our walk before 8am. That is an accomplishment. Then I dead-headed my flowers and watered everything. Three items on my to-do list done before 9:30am! Talk about accomplishments!

Starting a fresh month always gives me optimism that I can accomplish anything. And that accounts for the exceedingly long to-do list I have created for my quilting and sewing goals this month. Oh my, I will need every ounce of "stick-to-it-iveness" and focus to manage all of it.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that so very many of my May goals went undone, thus I am re-upping them for this month. Three baby quilts still need to be quilted. Three Swoon blocks still need to be made. Two commissions still need to be constructed. Checking all of that off my list would be enough to satisfy me most months - BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!

I have my June UFO to tackle and Emma's wall-hanging to make.

I will give you complete details on the June UFO in tomorrow's post. For the first time all year I will be challenged to finish this month. It is the most un-done of them all, so far. Here's a picture of the tub and the parts.

Sorry to be overloaded with words today. I will share some pics of the fun brunch we had yesterday with the Frienzies. Hettie hosted us; we celebrated Susan's birthday as well as her retirement, and as always we had loads of fun.

Salads and appetizers on Hettie's kitchen island.
Patriotic table setting.
Gift from Frienzies to Susan.
String-art pineapple activity.
I hope your June is a productive one. I sure hope to report in about 30 days on the incredible productivity from this sewing table. I might need cheerleaders, okay?

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Good luck with that to- do list! I am most anxious to see the next Swoon blocks, and see that quilt finished. It's going to be a stunner!

  2. We're here to cheer you on Jayne! Good luck on accomplishing everything. Remember 15 minutes here and there make any project progress nicely!


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