Thursday, December 2, 2021

Welcome December!


A day late in welcoming December, yes. Blogging has not been my top priority the past couple of days, honestly. I hosted my Frienzies for lunch yesterday, and during all the preparations for that I was coming down with a sinus infection. Man, it is a doozy, too. I went for a test for "you know what" and the result, thankfully, was negative. So I am on an antibiotic. 

I thought I'd share my November collage in the absence of any substantial sewing/quilting updates. I did quite a bit of sewing and quilting last month, from the looks of my collage. Let's get into it.

TOP ROW: I finished the Cobalt Stars quilt top. I quilted a top made by a friend. Last, I started a quilt with my Temecula Fabrics that I am calling Temecula Baskets. Both Cobalt Stars and Temecula Baskets were items on my 2021 Goals List, so I am happy to be making progress on them.

MIDDLE ROW: Another item from the 2021 Goals List is Lunch Box Social, a Kim Diehl pattern. I only need to finish the borders and the flimsy will be done.The Christmas star in the center is an impromptu pillow I made. I quilted it on my older Bernina with a free-motion foot. The final sweet picture in the middle row is from Thanksgiving when DD Emma got to meet her newest baby cousin Archie. 

BOTTOM ROW: Another picture from Thanksgiving Day, where over 30 family members broke bread at my sister and brother-in-law's home. The middle picture is an all-the-way-finished quilt with multi-generational attributes, which you can read about here. And finally, late in the month, I quilted another quilt (that's 3 in November!). It still hangs over the long arm rod, needed trimmed and bound.

I have several quilts very near completion represented in that collage, so I won't have to work hard to come up with goals for December. And once I kick this sinus infection, I will get right to work on doing just that.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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