Sunday, November 28, 2021

A November Finish

 Binding a quilt is the final, and very satisfying, final step of the quilt-making process. I am happy to report that I have just finished binding a very special quilt, one that had its beginnings in my grandmother's hands, not mine. 

Grandma's Pinwheels is not an overly creative name, but it aptly reminds me of this quilt's origins. My backing is more of that dot fabric that I've used on about 10 quilts now. It has worked so well having an entire bolt of backing fabric on hand. I will continue to make this an option as I do more quilts on the long arm machine.

Getting back to this quilt, here is a tidbit I may not have previously shared. Grandma was in her "use it up" phase of quilt making. She wasn't buying any more fabric, and asked me not to buy her any more, either. She went to work whittling down her existing stash. This quilt is a result of that effort. I have a couple of other quilt tops that she made with this "use it up" mentality. In this previous post you can learn about how I believe she was stuck after realizing that she had made pinwheels going in opposite directions. 

I finished the flimsy in early October, and ever since it has been on the design wall or draped over the long arm machine. Quilting it was a top priority. So, after all the Thanksgiving Day feasting, I loaded it up and by 10pm I had it done. By 11pm, I had the binding attached. I spent a bit of time both Friday and yesterday, tacking down the binding. 

Since it has two generations of quilters involved, I believe I will fix up some sort of label to attach to the back. I need to be more mindful to label my quilts; this is an area in which I fall short.

Hope you are having the best Sunday! I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts and her weekly Slow Sunday Stitching party. Click on over to have a look around.

Happy Quilting, Friends!



  1. Your Grandma's Pinwheel is a beauty! I followed your links to follow the story behind this lovely quilt. Oh my goodness your grandma gifted you some glorious quilts of hers; how poignant. But to this one....your resolution of the pinwheels going in the opposite direction is perfect and the quilting you have done makes Grandma's Pinwheels shine. Truly, it is a most beautiful quilt where beautiful memories of your grandma swirl around every stitch. Thank you so much for sharing the inspiring story of your grandma and you.

  2. So good to have the memories a well as the quilt. It turned out really nice.

  3. How wonderful to finish this up from your grandma's hands. I miss my Grandmas so much and luckly have some of my paternal grandma's "30s quilts.


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