Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome July

Happy July first, Quilters! We are sweating it out here in southern Ohio. Friday night's quick storm brought extensive power outages in my area, but we are lucky in that our power was only out for about 3 hours. The family over in Hillsboro are partially restored; Mom and Grandma have power; sisters Sandy and Carol do not. Father-in-law and brother-in-law in Coshocton will have to wait up to a week for power.

Quilt camp is over for another year, but I do need to do a couple of follow-up posts. First, I will update my quilting for the past week. I feel pretty darn good about what I accomplished.

I picked up Mom's signature quilt from Terry's on Monday morning. Made a binding for it on Wednesday morning, and had it finished and in Mom's hands by Saturday morning.

Since the Fourth of July celebrations are approaching, I decided that I needed to make a patriotic wall hanging or table topper. As far as I can think, I don't have any truly patriotic quilted accessories! So I dug around in the ol' stash and searched a couple of favorite quilt books, and came up with one that suits me just fine.

This is from a Thimbleberries book, adapted from what was pictured as a table runner. I used one block instead of 3, and am quite pleased with the results. So pleased, in fact, that I made a second one for a gift.

On the second one, I took liberties with the directions and added corner squares out of that lovely paisley. I do love paisley, you know.

Finally, I received the 1-yard cut of Butterfly Garden fabric I needed to finish the quilt I began with last Monday. Since I made this quilt up from a picture of a quilt in a shop, I did not know the proper name for it. That sent me to a couple of books I have which identifies blocks. The closest I could find to this pattern is one called Thrifty. I think that's an apt name. I am making a total of 3 of these quilts, using from the stash (mostly), so therefore I feel like I am being thrifty in making them. So this version of Thrifty will be finished this coming week, I hope.

I plan to get back to work on that ASAP, as well as get busy quilting the 2 patriotic blocks. The fun just never ends for quilters, does it? I can't wait to finish these and get something else started!!

Stay cool, Quilty Friends!

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  1. I have enjoyed seeing what everyone got up to at camp, thank you. It looks like you have all been very busy.

    I bet your mother was thrilled with her signature quilt when you gave it to her.


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