Friday, May 26, 2017

Marking My Quilt

This long-time UFO has been nagging me to be finished for months now. I wrote about my interest in finishing it in this post from late February. I was experimenting with my grandmother's Pounce marking tool. It worked as long as I didn't carry my work around with me, but when I transported the quilt to and from our Friday morning Frankfort Girls sessions, I often lost my lines in the process.

This is a messy way to mark, so I disliked the idea of taking it along to mark in someone else's house.

This week, I realized that I only had about 30" of border remaining, so I dug out Grandma's marking pencils and used one of them to finish it off.

It stays on the quilt so much better. While I can see benefits to using the Pounce method, it does have its drawbacks. There's a time and a place for both, I can see now. Use Pounce when you have a lot of quilting to mark and when you are going to only quilt at home. Use pencils when you have just a bit to quilt and want to take it with you. Pounce is quite dusty (chalk dust); pencils need frequent sharpening and the method can be tiring on one's back.

I know I can finish this this week. We are watching a lot of ballgames - the Cavs are winning, and the Indians are on almost every night, too. We love our Cleveland sports teams! I like to feel productive while I watch, so this is a perfect game-time activity.

I will be reporting back with a binding and a finish soon; very soon, I hope!
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Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I bought the pounce a while ago, but I really don't like it. As you said it is messy and rubs off easily. I like pencils mostly. Your quilting looks great. I think I will pick mine up now too..

  2. I've used the pounce for marking machine quilting (mostly borders), and I liked it okay for that, if the border was dark. I do tend to pound the heck out of it, and you're right, the chalk dust goes everywhere. Lovely hand quilting.


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