Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May UFO Finished! OMG!

Snoopy is doing his happy dance today, dear readers. Yes, he and I both are happy about finishing the May UFO.

While we're at it, let's have Calvin and Hobbes join us.

And here is what makes us all so happy - the Navy Monkey Wrench now has its borders! 

This is one of those quilts that has an unnecessarily long history. I seem to have many more of those than anyone ought. Start a quilt; finish a quilt - that's the way I should operate. In reality, I operate more typically like this:

The pieces for the monkey wrench blocks were cut out and taken in baggies to stitch while attending various cross country and track meets through our son's jr. high and high school running days - this would be in the  mid-1990s to 2001, when he graduated. Then, the blocks were stored away in a tub. Periodically, I would pull out the tub and take a picture of the contents, write a blog about it, and then return the tub to the closet. Here is a post from 2012. And here is one from March 2015, and again in April 2015. The UFO was listed for completion in 2015, yet obviously that did not happen - but I did work on it. And even though I said I was motivated to put on the borders, something else apparently snatched my attention, because I still had just borders left to do when I once again put it on a second UFO list - 2017. It came up as the quilt for May, and if you check out this post, you will see not only this quilt sans borders, but you will also see all my previous UFO finishes for this calendar year. 

I am definitely on a roll.

I love how striking my Monkey Wrench looks. I've kept it pinned up to the design wall, so I see it each time I look down the hall toward the sewing room. Even DH mentioned how nice it looks. *cheesy smile*

As I stitched borders yesterday, I had a chance to study my hand-piecing on some of the blocks. It made me reflect on just how much I do enjoy hand-piecing. I have not done too much of it lately, and I need to rectify that. I will soon be stitching my hexies, so that may suffice. However, I ought to get back to some of those 4-patches, or 9-patches, or 16-patches. 

Are you a "start-a-quilt-finish-a-quilt" type person? Or do you take the meandering multi-year path toward a finish? 

I hope your are getting some items checked off your list today! I'm linking up with the Monday Making party over at Love Laugh Quilt.

Added later: I am also linking up to Elm Street Quilts and the One Monthly Goal finish. It's such a great way to see who is getting stuff done, and to enjoy all the variety of our various projects.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I too meander along that path of multi quilts going on. sometimes life stalls the finish, sometimes lack of the fabric I think I want stalls it but I usually find my way back eventually and get er done........ lovely quilt.

  2. Your quilt is so pretty, she looks relaxing and a peaceful. Celebrate the finish!

  3. Congrats on your May finish! It's a very cute quilt! I usually push myself to finish the quilt top.... and then let about 5 or 6 gather until I give in and actually quilt & bind them. lol!

  4. How well you describe many of my quilts : meandering multi-year path toward a finish. Your hand stitched blocks look great.

  5. Wonderful quilt - a perfect reason to be dancing around celebrating. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  6. I definitely wander between projects. It keeps my interest sms excitement up n


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