Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quilting With the Frankfort Girls

My outings are becoming more frequent, and as long as DH Kevin will drive me places, I am happy to be driven out and about. Yesterday morning he took me to our regularly scheduled quilting group at Sharon O's lovely country home, and everyone was present! It has been awhile - some of us hadn't seen each other since before the Canter's Cave retreat a month ago.

Sharon had an attractive and springtime-appropriate table setting for us. Her love of pretty dishes, gardening and quilting all came together in a very harmonious centerpiece.

We had a show-and-tell from Sheryll. She used some of her mother's fabrics for a niece's graduation quilt. Since Sheryll was stuck in a corner of the room, we only got to see a quarter of the quilt, but it seems easy enough to get the gist of its looks. The pattern is by Thimbleberries; I'm sure we could identify more specifically, if need be.

Becky had been to the big Paducah show last month, and brought back a new project which she is already working on.

Becky loves making hexie quilts (you saw several of her creations here), so it should come as no surprise to any of us that she is working away on this pattern called Stars in the Garden II by Yellow Creek Quilt Designs. Her fabrics are Kindred Spirits, and these hexies finish at 1/2". *gasp*

I've been glue-basting my hexies, and it is interesting to see how someone bastes the old-fashioned way - the way our great-grandmothers would have done it. And her finished hexie is perfect. As a beginner at hexie quilting, I am grateful to have Becky and Jan both available for tips and pointers.

Speaking of Jan, she, too, had been to a quilt show. Nearby Washington Court House has a show going on now, and Jan was all excited because her hexie idol Annette Williams was a vending. She came home with 2 new projects, and I failed to take pictures of either. I looked on the website and did not see them, but I will try to get this information in some future post.

Terry and Sharon worked on hexie projects, too, (again, no pictures) so it looks like all of us have been bitten by the same bug. It is easy handwork, and that is what we do when we have our Friday morning fellowships. I am content to make my project slow and steady, while I suspect that a few of these other ladies will be making much faster work of theirs.

Hope you are making the most of your Saturday! I've joined the Whoop-Whoop linky party over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. You will see more hexie creations there, for sure!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I too, baste my hexies. One thing I do is punch a hole in the paper with a hand hole punch. It makes popping the paper out so easy.


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